A vehicle stock, air pollutants, and GHG projection policy evaluation model.


SIBYL is a commercially available software tool developed by EMISIA. As a vehicle stock, air pollutants, and GHG projection policy evaluation model, it can be used in all relevant research, scientific and academic applications looking into future development of road transport emissions, as well as in the automotive and energy sectors.

Energy and emission factors for conventional vehicle types are in line with the COPERT software, while newly developed approaches are used for state-of-the-art vehicle technology modelling. This is particularly important for vehicles with a limited range or vehicles operating on two different energy sources. These factors are currently being used by the European Commission JRC (DIONE) and industrial partners for assessing the impacts of policies and measures.

SIBYL consists of a series of virtually independent modules, each of them being responsible for the calculation of a certain metric (e.g. stock, mileage distribution, energy consumption etc.); new modules can be added in the future. SIBYL includes a range of options for the development of user-defined scenarios and a variety of conventional and more advanced vehicle types, such as electricity-based technologies.