A reliable and up-to-date vehicle fleet and activity road transport data.


EMISIA actively maintains reliable and up-to-date vehicle fleet and activity road transport data, as well as emissions and energy consumption information calculated with COPERT. The data that we provide reflect our best knowledge of the national situation in each country. A complete and consistent stock and activity dataset for each country is provided, taking into account all recent national statistical data, so as to reflect real situation to the extent possible. Our significant expertise on transport data, together with the extensive reviews and cross-checks of the data, ensure the high quality of the delivered dataset, which can also be used for the compilation of national emission inventories.

COPERT data provide vehicle number, annual mileage and speed, emission factors and emissions for all major pollutants, heavy metals, particulate matter and GHG as well energy consumption in time series from 1990 to 2018 (latest historical year) compatible with the COPERT ** vehicle classification.

A major update has been performed in COPERT data, taking into account all recent statistical information available. Main updates compared to previous versions:

  • Time series 1990-2018.
  • New categories added (electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids).
  • Compatibility with latest official national statistical data.
  • Consistency of fuel consumption with national submissions in UNFCCC on a per vehicle category level.
  • Main sources utilised: Eurostat, EC Statistical Pocket Book, ACEA, ACEM, CO2 monitoring database, EAFO, UNFCCC.
  • Better estimation of fleet structure and technology/Euro standards per country, based on fleet age statistical data
  • Inclusion of micro-cars and ATVs.